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WhatsApp will be more customizable in a future update

WhatsApp will be more customizable in a future update

WhatsApp will allow you to change the main color of the app in a future update

If you love customization, then WhatsApp's new feature is perfect for you

WhatsApp has been adding a bunch of new features lately, and it looks like it's going to start the year doing the same. This was recently discovered soon It will be possible to customize the application interface a little more Through the different color options that will allow Change the color of some application elements Through settings.

WhatsApp He had been wanting to change his facade for a long time. Although it is not available to all users, The application has a new interface based on green colors For some items, leave the blue color applied. It seems that he wants to follow this path because he is in Latest beta version for iOSThere is a new option that allows this Change the theme of the application.

WhatsApp will have an option to change the theme of the app

As you can see a little below, WhatsApp is working on a new settings section that will allow you to change the color of the app's main brand In a future update. You can choose from five different colours, which will change the appearance of items such as unread message balloons, both in chats and in the bar below.

A function that seems intended for those users who do not like the new green tones (since the old blue tone can be restored), but also Providing more customization of the application so that each user can get the color they like the most. Although as we said, at the moment there is only Five colors availableSince it is a beta version, it is possible that more colors will arrive in later versions or in the final version released to everyone.

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Right now, the only way to access this new setting is Through the search engine introduction “appearance“, which will definitely change and become a more accessible section. When you search and click on this new section, five colors appear: Green, blue, black, purple and pink. When you click on one of them, The application color changes. Here you can see it in action:

As we said, it is a function currently in beta, so it can still be improved by including new colors or more elements that change color when you choose an option. The possibility of changing the color of the bubbles is also being considered, but this is not available at the moment.

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