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Good news for American Social Security recipients

Good news for American Social Security recipients

Citizens of America Who are the beneficiaries? Social security Well, whether due to disability, retirement, widowhood or other considerations, you’re in luck.

Payees of the check are as notified by the management itself on its own website Social securityThey will receive the new bonus in five days.

To find out who are its beneficiaries Pay on the fourth Wednesday of AugustIt is important to know the date of birth of the citizen.

The third social security payment on August 23 is only paid to those born between the 21st and 31st of any month. That is, if your birthday is 24th February, you will receive the new payment for that month within 5 days.

When are other social security payments for August 2023?

If you look at the calendar below, you’ll see the Social Security payment days for each month. In August, the composition of payments is as follows:

Social Security Calendar 2023

First payment: August 1 – SSI recipients

Second payment: Social Security recipients who received it before August 3 – 1997

Third payment: August 9 – For those born between 1 and 10 of any month

Fourth Payment: Those born between 11th and 20th will receive next Wednesday 16th.

Last payment: For those born between 21 to 31 and will receive it on August 23

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