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Herminio Juarez clarifies that he is still in the United States and refuses to be deported

Herminio Juarez clarifies that he is still in the United States and refuses to be deported

Showbiz. Controversial Honduran Herminio JuarezHe said he was still in the US, clearing up rumors that he had been deported and returned to Honduras.

In a live he did with several friends, he confirmed that he was still in America, where he had lived for a few years.

Herminio, in the video, promises to see a cute “gringas” who passed by where he was. “I see some Gringudas out there, and their legs look so white,” he said. HonduranWhen they asked him they noticed that he was a little shy.

Juarez appears inside his vehicle and the images confirm that they are on the streets of America and not in San Pedro Sula as rumored.

Herminio Juarez.

A few days ago Herminio did a live where he promised that he was in San Pedro Sula because he no longer wanted to be in America. However, it turned out to be a joke.

“I’m in Honduras, I’m in San Pedro Sula,” he replied. Herminio To those who asked where. And I add: “All those who wanted me to be here in Honduras, rejoice, because I am already here. Let them be very happy, because I am already here.

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Herminio shows off his new girlfriend in San Antonio

At the end of July, Juarez showed that he was deeply in love with his new girlfriend. Andrea CaldamsWith whom she shares beautiful and romantic moments in America.

It happened through your account TikTok Herminio showed an interview with his partner where they expressed how much they love each other.

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Herminio begs the women not to write to him anymore, as he has an owner of his heart. “I’m happy to be with her, so I don’t want anyone to bother me that no one invited me,” said the native of Lempira.

Hermione has a new girlfriend
Herminio and his new girlfriend.

I agree with you in loveBoth are in different stages but that doesn’t stop them from seeing each other because love prevails. «I love him so much And I’m glad he came all the way to San Antonio to see me,” the woman said.