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When Chicago beaches close in summer 2023 – NBC Chicago

When Chicago beaches close in summer 2023 – NBC Chicago

It may seem like summer has just begun, but we’re already nearing the end of beach season in Chicago.

In fact, that date is less than a month away, according to city officials.

All of the city’s beaches open the Friday before Memorial Day, and 22 beaches operated by the Chicago Park District close for the season on Labor Day, which falls on Sept. 4 this year.

Preparations have already begun to close the beaches. On August 5, all indoor pools in the city were closed, and lifeguards at those pools went to beaches and outdoor pools for the remainder of the swimming season.

Other lifeguards went to school naturally after the indoor pools closed.

That process will continue Sunday, when most of the city’s outdoor pools will also be closed. Maintenance will begin on those properties and staff will begin preparations for the fall.

However, three pools will remain open, and Chicago Park District officials say swimming will still be available on Labor Day at Washington Park, Humboldt Park and Portage Park.

On September 4, all 22 beaches will close for the season and the remaining outdoor pools will also close.

Fortunately, Chicagoans who want to go swimming won’t have to wait long, as the indoor pools will reopen on September 5th and the fall program will begin the following week.

More information can be found on the site Park District website

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