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“Get married and be happy forever”: Alejandro Sanz's message to Shakira fueled the desire to see them together

“Get married and be happy forever”: Alejandro Sanz's message to Shakira fueled the desire to see them together

This week, Alejandro Sanz celebrated the 17th anniversary of his collaboration with Shakira on the song “I appreciate it, but no.”a song released in January 2007, has always caused a stir among fans of the artists.

The Spanish singer used his Instagram account to post an emotional message, recalling the moments he shared with the Colombian throughout his musical career.

Sanz expressed his gratitude to Shakira for dancing with himEven when they had to say no.

“They say that after 'torture' comes peace. In our language, 'I appreciate it, but no.'” Today we turn 17, Shaki. Let us continue to dance life and, above all, be grateful, even if it means saying no.“,” wrote the Spaniard.

The affectionate message immediately sparked a reaction from the Colombian woman, who responded on social media with the following: “I love that”.

But the excitement didn't stop on Instagram. Alejandro Sanz also posted a message on his Twitter accountDirected to Shakira. The translator of “Corazón Partío” stated that the phrase “thank you, but no” at the right time can change any fate, highlighting the importance of gratitude in life.

The followers of these two great artists did not stop expressing their enthusiasm on social media. Many took advantage of the occasion to request a new collaborative song, ensuring that success is guaranteed when they come together.

Others, again, They linked Alejandro Sanz and Shakira as a romantic coupleHe left comments highlighting the obvious chemistry between them.

“I never understood why the two weren't a couple (at least not that we know of). “Extraordinary chemistry,” “Now, Shakira, say yes. We all want it”, “Get married and be happy forever, all of Latin America demands it”, “The sexual tension that exists”, “I don't understand why you're not together”are some of the messages posted by followers in Alejandro Sanz's post.

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It is worth noting that this is not the first time that speculation has spread about a possible romantic relationship between Sanz and Shakira. but, Both the Spaniard and the Colombian have made it clear on different occasions that they share mutual admiration and a strong friendship. Which has suffered over the years.

Let's remember that The video for “I Appreciate It, But No” was recorded in 2006 in New YorkUnder the supervision of the famous Spanish director Jaume de Laiguana. It was launched globally on January 11, 2007, after having previously been released exclusively on various television media.

In the meantime, Fans are still eagerly awaiting a potential third collaboration between Alejandro Sanz and Shakira. who have proven to be an unstoppable musical duo over the years.