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Germany implements border controls to stop the wave of Cuban migration

Germany implements border controls to stop the wave of Cuban migration

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Text: Copa Noticias 360 editorial

Germany’s attempts to stop hundreds of Cubans intending to cross into Europe or enter the Schengen area, from Russia or any other Eurasian country through its borders, will be more stringent, after it required in July an “airport transit visa” to be able to travel. Stop in the nation.

For example, for Cuban immigrants, Frankfurt Air Station was an important stopping point until they arrived in Spain or another Schengen area. But that changed months ago.

“Since July 29, 2023, Cuban citizens require an airport transit visa if they wish to pass through a German airport (international transit area) to continue their journey to a third country (outside the Schengen area),” German immigration authorities wrote. .

Of course, with this air route restricted, the land route remained. For this reason, and given the illegal entry of people into their territory, not only Cubans but also many nationalities, they have established constant border controls on the borders with the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland since this week, according to local media.

Likewise, a letter addressed to the European Commission, signed by the German Interior Minister, Nancy Weiser, was revealed, which specified, in addition to referring to these controls, that those already in place on the border with Austria would be extended for another six months. .

The critical migration situation has been the target of discussion between the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary recently.

Meanwhile, Germany reported that from January to October 2023, nearly 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived at its borders.

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So much so that the German police will conduct inspections inside vehicles, especially small trucks and trucks, to ensure that there are no illegal people on its territory.