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Pedro Castillo's last minute after the vacancy and dissolution of the Peruvian Congress, live: news, resignations and reactions

Pedro Castillo’s last minute after the vacancy and dissolution of the Peruvian Congress, live: news, resignations and reactions

Almagro says Castillo’s decision marked a “change in the constitutional order” at the extraordinary meeting of the OAS Permanent Council.

The Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, confirmed that the decision of the former President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, constitutes a “change of the constitutional system in the country” and that it is “reprehensible and reprehensible from every point of view” during the session of the Organization’s Permanent Council, which was held on Wednesday in Washington.

Almagro also said that the OAS would provide the necessary support to Peru and that it would try to establish contact with President Dina Boulwart, who took over after Congress approved the vacancy motion against former President Pedro Castillo.

For his part, the Bolivian ambassador to the Organization of American States, Hector Arce Zaconita, refused to attack what he called “the government of popular extraction.”

“Let us hope that this will be the last time that a people’s government, a local government, a government of the healthiest section of the country’s nationality, is so vigorously rejected by the political system, under the existing system, and is constantly sought to overthrow,” he said. Bolivian official.

But he added that “nothing justifies a constitutional violation,” expressing his regret that the high-level mission of the Organization of American States, which was in that country to analyze the political crisis, “did not give the expected result.”

A few days ago, the initial report of the high-level group (GAN) of the Organization of American States (OAS) that visited Lima, Peru, between November 20 and 23 recommended – among other things – “the start of a political truce”, while a dialogue is being called between the actors and “a minimum consensus is achieved to ensure governance”.

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Colombia, expressing concern about the political situation in Peru, called for dialogue “at the highest level” and demanded “respect for the democratic expression given at the polls”.

Other countries, including Mexico and the United States, have also expressed concern about the situation in Peru and said they are monitoring the situation closely. Several ambassadors also called for dialogue between Peruvian political actors.