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Geraldine Bazin reacts to Gabriel Soto’s retirement due to health issues

Geraldine Bazin reacts to Gabriel Soto’s retirement due to health issues

Geraldine Bazin was questioned about this and revealed it aware of her ex-husband’s condition.

These issues are dealt with individually […] “I don’t like to go into detail,” he told the Despierta América camera at Mexico City airport, trying to avoid the topic.

However, she was positive about the situation: everything is going to be OKHe will be fine, he is a very healthy man,” he concluded in the interview with Al-Sabah newspaper.

For her part, Irina Paeva revealed earlier to the same program that during the recordings of the TV series Mi Camino Es Amarte, Gabriel was in pain and they both thought it was a “contraction”, but he was diagnosed with two hernias, which led to his injury and he has been undergoing treatment since then, He explained that the matter is not “dangerous” to this extent.

What does Gabriel Soto have?

In an interview with El Gordo y La Flaca, the Mexican actor revealed, in mid-August, that he had two hernias and was already undergoing treatment.

“It was a complicated subject. I have a cervical hernia“So I do a full pharma process and a lot of things to avoid surgery,” he explained on the show.

It is not an easy and simple process, I have full faith that I will come out of thisLet’s hope that with the medications and the treatments I’m undergoing, I can move on and come back very soon.”

For this reason, he announced that he would take a break from his career, but clarified that ” I’m not very serious“I’m not bad, they’re old stuff,” he told Televisa Espectáculos between laughter.

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Shakira’s controversial new song, “BZRP Music Session number 53”, in which she attacks Gerard Pique and his current partner Clara Xia Marti, reached not only the participants but also other celebrities such as Mexican actress Geraldine Bazin.


The 45-year-old Colombian singleton reveals a series of allegations and accusations towards her ex-husband, whom she points out because he left her for his current girlfriend of 23 years.

credit: Grosby Group


Pique and Shakira announced their separation last June, after they had been together for 12 years, and they have two children: Milan (9 years) and Sasha (7 years).

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Zuma Press/The Grosby Group


It has been speculated that the now former soccer player was unfaithful to Clara Shea Marty, a young woman who worked for Cosmos, the Fields idol company.

credit: Grosby Group


The singer’s new song sheds light on the controversy over when a man leaves his partner for a younger woman, and in many cases it has to do with infidelity.


For this reason, some social network users have recovered cases of other famous people, such as that of Geraldine Bazin.

credit: mezcalnet

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The actress was married to Gabriel Soto until 2018, when they announced their divorce.

credit: mezcalnet


Some Mexican fans likened her to Shakira because of the love disaster she experienced and did not remain silent.

credit: mezcalnet

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Geraldine Bazan/Instagram


“Now they made me laugh!” Geraldine Bazin wrote about this meme in which someone put her face on Shakira next to Bizarab, the Argentine DJ with whom the Colombian released her new and controversial song.

credit: Geraldine Bazan/Instagram


Then the actress from Por Amar Sin Ley, which you can watch for free on ViX, posted another message to explain her reaction to the comparisons.

Geraldine Bazan/Instagram


“Obviously what was posted above is a joke,” he said. “Seriously, they’ve gone above and beyond. What a laugh: so much so that a repost won.”

credit: Geraldine Bazan/Instagram

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“Life is a lottery, a carnival, and today is not tomorrow anymore. But that’s what I’ve learned through experiences, and I think Shakira is a crack at marketing. Very brave to be very forthright in expressing it, very smart to overcome the pain and humiliation he’s been through, and also hold accountable.” The way he wants it, boom!


Although Bazin was only legally married to Soto from 2016 to 2018, they have lived together as a married couple for years and have two daughters: Elisa Mari (13) and Alexa Miranda (8).