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Galland from Televisa condemns the mistreatment of the hotel and the institution denies it!

Galland from Televisa condemns the mistreatment of the hotel and the institution denies it!

Luis Roberto Guzman, He is known for his participation in serials such as: “What Life Stole from Me” and “The Mexican and the Guero” And the Netflix series, “Who killed Sarah?” He recently shared a negative experience he had while on vacation Casa Mauna Hotel, It is located in Oaxaca beaches that is it What in the beginning What promised to be a time of rest turned into an unpleasant situation For the actor who used his social networks Public condemnation of the treatment he received By hotel staff.

Through a story on his official account Instagram, Luis Roberto Guzman described his bad experience serving at the place, Even though he is a repeat customer. In his words, He expressed his disappointment and indignation:

“Do not visit or stay at Casa Mauna. Today we received very poor customer service and very bad taste. Their policies and treatment of the owners are miserable and despicable.”

Luis Roberto Guzman

The actor did not give specific details about what happened during his stay at the hotel, however He stressed the lack of respect and sympathy for the guests. Which turned his experience into something “Awful and poorly educated.” Additionally, Guzmán called on his followers to spread his messageHe urged them not to visit the place.

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The hotel responds to Luis Roberto Guzman’s accusations and gives his version of events

In view of these accusationsfriends Casa Mauna Hotel They responded through the same digital platform, defending themselves against Luis Roberto Guzman’s statements. As described in several stories The dispute arose due to an issue regarding the pending payment for the actor’s accommodation. Although Guzmán paid half of the total cost according to hotel policies, He refused to complete the remaining payment, arguing that he had already covered the full amount but had never verified it.

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Hotel managers They emphasized that they always provide polite and respectful treatment To all its guests, no matter who they are, and They expressed their regret for Guzman’s dissatisfaction It was because there were no special benefits to his fame.

“They were treated with a friendly and respectful attitude at all times, as we do with all our guests. We are sorry that some were upset that we did not make exceptions for them.”

Casa Mauna Hotel

They react across the networks to the lawsuit filed by Luis Roberto Guzmán with a hotel in Oaxaca

So far, Luis Roberto Guzman did not respond directly to the hotel’s statements. But his condition spread quickly. Raising criticism towards the actor and Casa Mauna Hotel due to the controversy.

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