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Gabriel Buric's government confirmed that justice was being achieved in the kidnapping of a Venezuelan soldier who had been granted asylum in Chile

Gabriel Buric's government confirmed that justice was being achieved in the kidnapping of a Venezuelan soldier who had been granted asylum in Chile

Manuel Monsalve (Dragomir Janković/Aton Chile)

Undersecretary of the Chilean Ministry of the Interior, Manuel MonsalviIt was reported on Wednesday that the Executive had requested that Interpol be raised on alert and strengthen border control, after learning of the alleged kidnapping of a Venezuelan national who would be a former military man living in Chile.

“The government asked the police to strengthen border controls, both from the Chilean Police Force, which is responsible for border control, and the Investigative Police (PDI), which is responsible for immigration control, and requested that the state of alert be raised.” Interpol. international police“This is a question that has already been asked,” Monsalve said after the emergency meeting held by the Chilean government when the alleged kidnapping became known.

The Anti-Kidnapping Police Investigation Squad (BIPE) of the PDI said in a briefing note that it was in charge of the investigation, although it could not provide “further information” because the investigation had been “declared confidential.”

According to Monsalvi, the case has been declared under secret investigation, which limits the disclosure of specific details about it. “The investigation was conducted by the ECOH team from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of the case,” he explained, stressing the government’s commitment to clarifying this event.

Ronald Ojeda Moreno escaped from the Venezuelan army and went into exile in Chile

The Undersecretary also requested “cooperation and responsibility” in disseminating information related to the case, stressing the importance of preserving the safety of Ojeda-Moreno and his family environment.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense requested “activation And Strengthen – StrengthensBorder control operations carried out by institutions such as the Maritime Police at ports, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) at airports, and the Armed Forces in the northern regions of Arica, Tarapacá and Antofagasta.

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Despite the complexity and many hypotheses that have arisen around the kidnapping, Monsalvi stressed that any confirmation or rejection of these hypotheses is exclusively up to the Public Prosecution, within the framework of the investigation. “Since many hypotheses have been raised, I would like to repeat that the government is responsible for all possible hypotheses.He confirmed.

In November 2022, Ojeda Moreno knelt in front of Chile's presidential palace to demand the release of political prisoners in Venezuela and to condemn negotiations between the opposition and Chavismo in Mexico.

Likewise, INTERPOL's cooperation has been requested to expand the scope of research and collect information that may contribute to a rapid resolution of this case.

Regarding diplomatic relations and speculation about possible Venezuelan military operations in Chilean territory, Monsalve explained that there had been no contact with the Venezuelan authorities, and described it as “premature” to indicate whether there was a military operation by Nicolas Maduro's regime in Chile.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives, Tomás de Rementeria, said – according to Chilean media – that he would request “the summoning of the authorities of the intelligence services to review the information available to them (.. .) and to find out if the Venezuelan government has been asked whether this is happening.” actually.

For his part, the representative of the far-right Republican Party, Luis Fernando Sanchez, from the opposition, indicated that the complaint “is very serious not only with regard to the kidnapping of a person – he said – but also because of the possible involvement of agents of the Venezuelan dictatorship operating freely in Chile,” which is a fact. No authority has officially confirmed it.

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