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From winning the lottery to ruin: he lost his $21 million fortune in these bad deals

It was in the year 2007 when a man from Australia named Sherif Gerges made big gains when he became a millionaire. in a blink of an eye After winning the lottery jackpot.

At that time Gerges, who was working in the cinema, He won a prize equivalent to 21 million dollars. Something that undoubtedly surprised him, prompting him to surround himself with people who, in theory, were experts in finance, but were Unfortunately, they made him make bad decisions, and after only a few years that would leave him in ruins.

Sheriff wanted to double his lottery winnings, so he did He was advised by a well-known and successful businessman from his area named Russell Polioca, who urged him to invest his prize in a tavern, in a luxury yacht for rent, in opening a nightclub and in buying land by the sea.

Unfortunately, none of his works were successful. In less than 3 years, he lost $19 million. It was then that he decided to sue Polyuka for his bad advice. This action made him recover $1.3 million, as the judge deemed the businessman to have influenced a bad investment.

But the lawsuit made the lottery winner lose a lot of money again, since the process began in 2014 and ended up running through 2019, 5 years during which he spent another large portion of his prize to pay damages to his attorneys.

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