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El Pachá a Rochy RD: "Caíste en un gancho, hermano”

From El Pachá to Rochy RD: “You’re in trouble, brother”

Caller Frederic Martinez “El Pacha” was concerned about the judicial situation in which rapper Roshi R. Commit to the wawa leader.

With his space “Pégate y Gana con el Pachá”, the animator asserted in his story “So He Thinks” that:

“I am worried about Roshi. I will arrest Roshi the fool, coercive measures. Everything stops,” said Pasha, immediately adding that “an experienced person is talking to you. I love that boy so much, I was worse than him. environment, orientation. Does Roshi have to go through this to find a healer, someone to guide? ‘ he asked himself.

In this sense, he proved that the rapper is the most important artist, currently, of the Dominican urban genre. He said, “God willing, the Lord will lay his hand on Sunday because it is nothing more than a miracle from God saving Roshi R.

Frederick gave the example of his case that he was released from prison because he had recorded a conversation with a lawyer who intended to accuse him of “sexual harassment”.

“A woman who wanted to become famous, wanted 5 minutes of fame after she invited me to a hotel,” he unleashed at the same time, noting that his wife at the time “was supporting me.”

In the end, Bacha asked to “pray” Aderly Oviedo Ramírez “Rochy” because, in his opinion, “this little problem is ugly for the picture.”

‘Hell, my brother’s got such a hook,’ he said, ‘that you’ve been told, he’s already taken a hook, prisoner.’

Pégate y Gana con el Pachá is broadcast every Saturday by Teleradio América for the national territory; Meanwhile, Dominicans abroad watch the program on Dominican TV and social networks: Cachicha and YouTube.

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