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Free board game to promote physical and mental health

Free board game to promote physical and mental health

Save the planet from health threats by building your own path: face challenges, improve your skills, and defeat enemies, terrifying beings, and villains who want to distort human life on the planet, threatening physical and mental health, all of whom are becoming more difficult to control. This is the main argument for Health shapersa collaborative board game designed to promote physical and mental health, as well as environmental education in children between the ages of 9 and 12, is based on two premise: entertainment and promotion of meaningful learning.

The first edition of this game was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of Meridiano Seguros, which will distribute the game for free among educational centers that request it (just fill out a form on the website) and was designed by iAcademia (a startup that aims to improve learning outcomes for students, relying on… Generative AI tools, games and active methodologies) in collaboration with Cookie Box Gamification & Serious Games, a consultancy specializing in applying game design to digital and in-person experiences.


This pedagogical tool is the result of a comprehensive research process in which more than 150 working documents were consulted, such as guides from scientific societies, directories and websites of public and private institutions, as well as experts in the prevention of physical, mental and psychological diseases. And environmental health… “The purpose of the game is for young people to realize the impact of the decisions they make now on their health in the future. It includes current topics such as The negative impact of screen abuse, energy drinks, vaping, and even issues related to cybersecurity and cyberbullying.” Game Design.

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In addition, Health Shapers promotes collaboration, teamwork and the exchange of ideas. “It is a pioneering game in which fast engineering and AI techniques have been applied to extract key information and formulate questions based on scientific evidence,” says Federico Juarez, the game’s author and academic director of the Chair for Artificial Intelligence at Central European University. -UCH University.

Multidisciplinary team

Children from the Lucentum Foundation Summer Campus, Cefires (Centre for Training, Innovation and Educational Resources) of the Valencian Community, the Education Department of the City Council of Elche and health and gaming experts from different universities and institutions participated in the playtesting phases. Who, in addition, are already working on adapting the game to the digital format.