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Frank Rubio’s Unexpected Reaction When He Was Told He Should Be A Year, Not Six Months In Space – FireWire

Frank Rubio’s Unexpected Reaction When He Was Told He Should Be A Year, Not Six Months In Space – FireWire

Frank Rubio He continues to spend his days in orbit around the Earth and on his way to becoming An American astronaut who has spent most of his time in space. It is very likely that the Hispanic scientist will stay for 355 days on a mission that was supposed to last six months, but has been extended Due to technical problems with the Russian ship on which he traveled.

The record, for the time being, is in the hands of Mark Vandy He, who served 341 days in the International Space Station (ISS). Most likely, this time will pass, and although it is an important achievement for science and for Frank himself, there are many problems that he will have to face upon returning home.

But this was not the original plan. Frank Rubio traveled aboard Soyuz MS-22, which had suffered a refrigerant leak due to the impact of a small meteor, and was thus stranded in space. The six months have doubled, and work on the International Space Station has been extended.

In a recent interview Rubio did with Iberoamerican Scientific and Cultural News (NCC), the Association of Ibero-American Educational and Cultural Television (ATEI) and NASA, the astronaut told how he reacted when they gave him the news that he was leaving to stay longer than stipulated in orbit. the earth.

“It was a variety of feelings. In the end this is the mission we have and I knew it had to be completed. Even if it’s six months or 12 months, the priority is to continue the mission of the NASA team,” he said in a video call he made from space to Ibero-American children.

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“It was obviously difficult personally because I was already ready to see my family, my daughter is already in her first year at university and I would have loved to be with her. My son is graduating from high school this year and I will not be able to take him to university.”

Whereas in regards to the record, even though Rubio knows he is more likely to break it, he uses a scientific habit that comes up a lot in sports: gangs or superstitions. The astronaut didn’t want to “spell out” what he was heading for, saying you shouldn’t expect anything before it happens.