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Follow the now-historic Los Angeles Dodgers streak in the franchise

Follow the now-historic Los Angeles Dodgers streak in the franchise

Los Angeles Dodgers They are in Steamroller mode, there is no competitor that can beat them in big leagues… At least that’s what they’ve shown in recent weeks with an impressive streak of 11 wins, beating rival teams like Arizona rattlesnakethe Milwaukee Brewers and the San Diego Padres. In fact, this great streak is part of the franchise’s history as one of the longest since they’ve been in it Angels.

1-0 was the result of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ victory over the Milwaukee BrewersAnd Austin Barnes He was the architect of the team’s 11th victory in one of the franchise’s longest streaks, in fact, this is the fourth time in history they’ve achieved that mark and they’re 1 away from reaching the 12 wins they achieved in the 1976 season and 2022.

List of lines longer than Dodgers since they moved to Angels.

– 13 victories – May 21 – June 1, 1962.

– 13 victories – from September 16 to 30, 1965.

– 12 wins – from July 31 to August 13, 2022.

– 11 victories – August 6 to present.

Los Angeles Dodgers They’re two wins away from tying the longest streak of the 2023 season, which is held by the Tampa Bay Rays at 13 games. What’s more, with the last three wins, he’s got 10.5 games apart San Francisco Giants Who are the closest pursuer to lead western section affiliate National League.

End of this week Los Angeles Dodgers They will have a series against Miami Marlinswhere they will try to equalize or surpass all the scores they have waiting for them, the team plays well and there is a good harmony between attacking and shooting, which is one of the ideal combinations to achieve victories and championships.

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