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Flying Tesla appears and the driver is already wanted in Los Angeles

Flying Tesla appears and the driver is already wanted in Los Angeles

  • A video of the driver and his Tesla plane in a residential area of ​​Los Angeles has already gone viral around the world.

  • The police of that country analyze the situation and offer a thousand dollars to anyone who provides information on the suspect.

  • According to the information provided, the driver is not even the owner of the car.

Tesla brand Is one of the most important companies in the automotive sector, in fact, the company was founded in 2003, in California, but for 2021 is the most valuable brand in this sector around the world. In addition, the company achieved the title of the fastest growing brand on the planet, registering a mark equal to 157 percent.

fact, Statista notes that the company has reached a record level of delivery of 627,350 units worldwide Only in the first quarter of 2021. Therefore, Tesla continues to be a fairly successful company since its inception.to all over the world. however, Not even the company led by Elon Musk can escape the abuse that customers can commit of brand.

Flying Tesla appears and the driver is already wanted in Los Angeles

A few days ago a driver, He was allegedly identified by his TikTok and Twitter accountsthe protagonist was in one of this week’s viral videos, because you can see a file Tesla “flying”. A car of the brand was captured traveling at high speed through an intersection located at a change of altitude; In the video, you can see how, after overcoming the slope at full speed, the Tesla S takes off from the road and rises into the air, and later crashes into containers and cars in the Echo Park neighborhood.

After what can be seen in the video, the driver and passengers got off the car and left in another Tesla. Soon after, it was announced that the Model S was not owned by the driver known as “Dominykas”.But it was a rental item, according to what the authorities commented on to the media KABC-TV. For this reason, the Los Angeles Police Department has already offered a reward of one thousand dollars to the person or persons who provide information that facilitates the arrest of the user. Currently, the suspect has disabled his account. tik tok Because, after the controversy, he has been marked by his desire to “hold on” to the moment and to advertise products profiting from his momentary fame; Meanwhile, on his Twitter account, users shared comments expressing discontent with him:

Authorities commented to FOX Los Angeles that they have already contacted the user, “Based on the posts in your account.” What is more, He adds that police will seek to interrogate influencer Alex Choi As a witness because, as we mentioned, he was among those who recorded the video.

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This is the video the series shared Fox Los Angeles:

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