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Florida will pay up to $1,000 in direct payments in June.  Are you eligible for trigger testing?

Florida will pay up to $1,000 in direct payments in June. Are you eligible for trigger testing?

The state of Florida in the United States will send a direct payment of up to $1,000 USD to eligible individuals in June.

The money will be provided through a financial aid program that will boost the “Sunshine State” by 2023. You can collect the above mentioned dollars on a monthly basis under a guaranteed income plan.

Florida, like other states in the country, is opening up similar programs to benefit their vulnerable residents. But what does the Florida plan propose in this case? Likewise, 115 people will directly benefit from the so-called fair income. Of course, for this they have to fulfill some essential requirements.

For example, the first is that the household income does not exceed $20,372.00 USD. To access the promised budget, it is mandatory that you have resided in that state for the past six months. Florida officials recalled that the guaranteed income program was primarily aimed at people victimized by the justice system.

How much money will you get?

If you qualify for the guaranteed income program you will receive $1,000.00 USD the first month. Then, you will receive $600.00 USD per month from the second. A similar event took place in Alachua, Florida. In this case, people are randomly selected. All met the requirement of having been recently released from federal, state, or county prison.

In the coming days, Florida will determine which states will fund this type of financial assistance for eligible residents. By the way, this is not the only state with a similar plan. For example, in California, assistance with these characteristics is also implemented.

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In the absence of a federal stimulus test in 2023, state governments have decided to continue benefiting their residents through direct payments. Above all, its purpose is to support people who do not show sufficient financial solvency to support a home.