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Rosa Fuentes posted a new note to Paolo Hurtado web show business eye |

Rosa Fuentes posted a new note to Paolo Hurtado web show business eye |

Rosa Fuentes She is enjoying a new phase in her life and making it clear through her impressive posts from the beaches of Miami. The businessman took time out for himself and shared moments full of joy and freedom. Additionally, she would have sent a strong message towards her husband Paolo Hurtado.

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As far as is known, the businessman has not responded publicly Excuse me of ‘Cabalito’ Hurtado, So we can understand it He prefers to ignore it All in all, that’s how he shows it Recent social media posts In it she appears more empowered and shows that she prioritizes her Children And your work.

Rosa Fuentes sent a new note to Paulo Hurtado

In his recent stories instagramRosa Fuentes is shining in heaven Miami Beaches When a is displayed Sexy Bikini In the middle of the third pregnancy. The businessman has also shown that he uses his travel to his advantage America As described in her last post, to dedicate time to herselfTime for me“What does this mean?”Time for me”. In this way, Rosa wants to leave all the scandals she was accused of Treachery Model Josemarie Toledo stars with her husband Paolo Hurtado.

However, during his stay MiamiApart from being attractive, she would have used the opportunity to send a strong message to the footballer Paolo Hurtado. As a catchy song by Marc Antony plays in the background, the businesswoman glams up in a green bikini and smiles in the ocean. “It’s clear that when you lost me you lost and I lost when I met you.”, is heard in the video.

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EYE I Rosa Fuentes has sent a new note to Paolo Hurtado

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