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Florida officials warn of sharks off beaches

Florida officials warn of sharks off beaches

A hammerhead shark measuring about 4 meters was spotted near Santa Rosa Beach on Saturday (Google Maps).

The latest Shark attacks On the beaches Handle of Florida (USA) Directed authorities to deploy security measures and warnings on land and sea. Three people were reportedly injured in two separate incidents on Friday, prompting heightened vigilance. Many beaches were temporarily closed due to these attacks Friday, they later reopened Saturday with danger warning flags, according to Telemundo 51.

These events took place in the district WaltonLocated on the beach Florida Bay. He South Walton Fire Department, along with the local police and the state wildlife agency, are patrolling the water with boats and patrolling the beach with vehicles. This information has been confirmed APNews.

The first attack happened on Friday afternoon near Watersound Beach. According to Associated Press, a woman was seriously injured in the abdomen and arm, resulting in the amputation of the latter. The victim was airlifted to a trauma center.

Within two hours of the first incident, another attack occurred on a beach located 6.4 kilometers east of the first incident. Seacrest Beach. In this instance, two young women were attacked while in waist-deep water with a group of friends. Accordingly CNN and AP News, one of the teenagers suffered significant injuries to her leg and arm, while the other had minor injuries to her leg. Both were taken to the trauma center.

Three people were injured in two separate incidents on Friday, prompting heightened vigilance at Walton Beach (illustrated image information).

The teenagers involved in the second attack Mountain BrookA suburb Birmingham, Alabama. Sam GastonCity Manager Mountain BrookConfirmed the information to the news site Al.comAccording to Telemundo 51.

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A temporary closure of beaches in the Florida Panhandle lasted only one day, reopening Saturday, with red and purple flags warning beachgoers of dangers in the water. Accordingly APPurple flags indicate the presence of endangered marine life, while red flags indicate high-risk conditions.

Experts have pointed out Shark attacks are rare. In 2023, 69 unprovoked bites have been recorded worldwide10 people died in this University of Florida International Shark Attack File. These figures exceed the recent average of six deaths annually Telemundo 51, AP News and CNN.

Damian Chapman, director of the Shark Research Center at Mott Marine Laboratory and Fisheries Sarasota, FloridaHe explained that two events on the same day involving three people are extremely rare and their probability is astronomically low..

South Walton Fire Chief, Ryan Crawford, noted that the timing of the attacks, mid-afternoon, was unusual because sharks typically feed in the early morning and at dusk. This sighting contradicts that of local authorities, who reported seeing a hammerhead shark of around 4 meters nearby. Santa Rosa Beach Saturday, according to AP News, CNN and CBS Miami.

District Police bay He pointed out that schools of small fish found near the coast at this time of year may have contributed to these attacks. They also pointed out that sharks are always there Gulf of Mexico.

According to the International Shark Attack File (Infobae/File), in 2023, 69 unprovoked bites were recorded worldwide, of which 10 were fatal.

In addition to the incidents in Florida, a shark attack was also reported in Florida on Friday. HawaiiA woman was seriously injured in the island’s waters Oooh.

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The International Shark Attack File reports that Florida tops the global rankings for shark bites, with the state recording 16 unprovoked incidents in 2023. This is 44% of the total in the US and 23% worldwide. Telemundo 51, AP News and CNN.