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Final decision on Alvaro Montero: when will he arrive in Barranquilla?

Final decision on Alvaro Montero: when will he arrive in Barranquilla?

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The Millonarios goalkeeper is expected to be a center for the Colombia national team.

Alvaro Montero.
picture: Twitter: @MillosFCoficial

These are bitter days for Millonarios after a nightmare 2024, where they were eliminated from the Copa Libertadores in the first round and also prematurely exited the 2024 Liga Betplay I final.

Blames, suspicions and reprimands towards those who only a few months ago were playing idols are the constant, and it is even said that the entire team has been declared transferable after heavy blows. It’s a long way from there to a clean slate, but the truth is that the pain of seeing how the hope of returning to the property dispute on a consistent basis has disappeared weighs on him more than anything else at this moment.

The culprits are many, but there is one who was pointed out after the 3-0 defeat to Flamengo: Álvaro Montero. The Blues’ starting goalkeeper was responsible for two of those goals and many wondered if he hadn’t already completed the course.

Regardless of recent matches, the presence of a goalkeeper from the Colombian national team speaks of quality and experience that others envy and brings to mind the many times the tall player was a savior for the blue team.

Appealing to this, Millonarios made a radical decision: he would need him in Sunday’s duel against Junior, at El Campin, to close the final home matches, and he would not be released until the end of this commitment. For the Colombian national team, as confirmed by FUTBOLRED.

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Although it was initially said that Nestor Lorenzo was interested in competing against Flamengo so that the player could reach a good pace, the reality is that the blue player was never in its plans to allow him to travel to Barranquilla after his return from Brazil and he has always had that in mind. The plan is to close against Junior.

What is known is that the NFL consulted on the possibility of holding it a few days ago, but the majority of competitors will arrive over the weekend and this will also be the case for Montero.