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FGR will charge the owner of a collapsed mine in Coahuila

FGR will charge the owner of a collapsed mine in Coahuila

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) announced that it would indict Christian Solis, of his presumed responsibility for all directing and management acts, in the illegal exploitation of the subsoil, by The mineral coal mine known as “Al Banabit”in Spinas, Coahuila.

Through a statement, the federal agency indicated that it had already requested a judicial hearing before the House of Representatives Federal Criminal Justice Center In Torreon, Coahuila.

“These facts, in the opinion of the Public Prosecutor of the Republic, constitute the offense of illegal exploitation of state-owned assets, stipulated in Article 150 of the National Assets Law and the punishment thereof, in the case of the commission of an offense of perpetual and malicious act, by the provisions of the Federal Penal Code, mainly in Materials 8, 9 and 13″.

in bliss embedding wordingHe added that the persons declared in this regard, as well as all evidence, such as opinions in photographic documentation, in matters of the criminal field, in engineering and architecture, in the criminal investigation, as well as related inspections, will be referred to. and interviews.

Mine works continue. (Jorge Carballo)

Various documents from the competent local and federal authorities in this regard have also been attached. Also, as evidence, attached to the ministerial statement of the accused Christian Solis and all of Documentation and procedures related to the case.

He added, “The investigation is ongoing and the following actions carried out by the Federal Public Prosecution will be reported immediately, according to the evidence obtained, due to the verifiable crimes.”

What happened in the Coahuila mine?

On August 3, residents of Sabinas, Coahuila, reported the 911 emergency system of a coal mine collapse, trapping 10 workers in Boquito located in Las Conchas, in the Maa area.

Civil protection personnel in that area reported that the boketo had suddenly been flooded and one of the workers had managed to get out through another old mine to seek help.

This Thursday, theThis afternoon the Coahuila government stated that with the hard work and concerted efforts of the workers who make up Multidisciplinary Rescue Team Extracting more than 148,000 cubic meters of water from the damaged Spinas Mine.

This while income from employees Minister of Defense (Sedena) And miners to the rugged coal pit.

From the early hours, the military and national civil protection personnel carried out Cleaning maneuvers To continue progressing until you achieve the rescue of 10 miners.

They indicated through a statement that the unified command, in which expert mining engineers participated, continues to coordinate the pumping work that has been achieved Reduce levels in water beltsand that at a six-hour cut, two 2.9 meters were recorded in the well; hole three 5.9; In a well four 7.7 meters.


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