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Felicia Garza is hospitalized with complications due to gender reassignment |  Algebraic

Felicia Garza is hospitalized with complications due to gender reassignment | Algebraic

Mexico City: singer-songwriter, Felicia Garza She revealed that she had to be hospitalized due to problems caused by Hormonal He stopped following precisely because of the consequences they had warned him of that might happen.

“From the moment I started getting hormones, that is, estrogen, this is the danger from people making these changes. I stopped taking hormones a long time ago because it is precisely because You have a tendency Suffering from “thrombophlebitis”, First Hand said.

Garza spoke about the exact state of health that he suffers from, as a result of complications from Change her gender.

The Mexican star explained that she was subjected to an attack that made her unable to do so He walks properly One leg was injured so he had to remain under strict medical supervision.

“I had a stroke, thrombophlebitis. I have clots in the lower part of my left leg. I had to go to the doctorThey ran my tests, and I have to be under close supervision, very strict care because it makes sense that they go to any part of the body They could be injuries Calculate.

Felicia Garza spoke of the severe pain in her thigh, which swollen and caused a stroke, and they are interested in trying to dissolve the clot so that it does not affect another area of ​​the body.

finally, Garza assured that at the moment he will not get the vaccine against Covid-19 Be prepared for the moment when I have to leave, he said: “I have written my epithet, when I dieWhere I will go and come back, it may be for the good of everyone. “

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At the age of 74, Garza decided to leave behind Felipe Gil, as she was known during her long career in music as a performer and composer who came to conquer festivals like OTI.

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