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Fearlessly, the fourth massive immigrant caravan leaves Tapasula University Immigration News

Great team About 500 immigrants, Families with children, mostly from Central and South America and the Caribbean, left the city on the border of Mexico and Guatemala and tried to move north. Mexico Then go United States.

Fear of facing the same fate or severe heat as other groups faced during the week did not prevent hundreds of immigrants from deciding to leave Tapasula, where thousands Have lived in dangerous conditions for two to three years Immigration officials are waiting to go to the north of Mexico and deliver documents to go to the United States.

They prevented them from walking

Mexican federal forces have allowed immigrants to walk for hours or even days, and use riot rope and, in some cases, excessive force, to disperse them using their fatigue or rain.

The government has insisted A Haitian immigrant was injured last weekend, That Recorded on cameras of various mediaThis is an isolated incident and the two INM agents involved in the event have already been suspended.

This Saturday, too, the National Migration Agency (INM) announced That is a statement In the early hours of the morning four agents of that organization and seven elements of the National Guard They were imprisoned for five days In the well ‘El Ciclay’ in the town of Frontera Corozzel in Chiapas. Authorities did not specify who held the officers.

“His rights have not been violated,” AMLO said

“In accordance with the Migration Act and its provisions, the Company maintains a safe, orderly and regular migration, as well as an obligation to act with respect to humanitarian policies and human rights,” INM said in a statement.

This is estimated considering the large number of immigrants in the south of the country There may be more than 50,000 peopleLopez Obrador expressed his frustration with the crackdown this week and said he would send a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to address issues that could lead to the migration of thousands of people to the United States.

“Establishing a settlement plan at the control base is not only convenient, it is lame.”The president announced that he would remind the United States of his plan to create 330,000 jobs in six months in the so-called northern triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

United Nations and non-profit organizations have warned of the urgency of making new decisions to destabilize the current Mexican refugee and asylum system.

Giovanni Lebri, Representative of Mexico to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, pledged to AB Immigration control is “not a response to human rights and the needs of the people, nor is it an effective response” Solve migration flows.