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Exatlón México: Who will he face and when will the Season 5 premiere |  Series |  Mexico |  MX |  nnda-nnlt |  Mexico

Exatlón México: Who will he face and when will the Season 5 premiere | Series | Mexico | MX | nnda-nnlt | Mexico

The fifth season of the competition shows that promises to once again attract viewers are about to return to the Mexican screens. it’s about , an adaptation of the Turkish formula where athletes are placed in two teams to face each other and show their skills in order to reach the final.

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Sports Reality is hosted by Antonio RysockWho is famous for his unique speeches before every challenge. Released since 2017 in Azteca UnoThe winners of the previous ceremony were Matti Alvarez and Patricio “Pato” Araujo.

Through social media, the General Manager Content and Distribution for Azteca TV Announced that the premiere of the new installment is very close; In addition to revealing The name each team will have: Guardians and Pathfinders.

When is EXATLÓN MEXICO SEASON 5 released?

Sandra Smeistr stirred up the program’s followers by saying that The fifth season of Exatlón will begin broadcasting on August 16th.

Guardians vs Pathfinders Showcase New Generation Big Heroes Monday 16th August “, wrote on his account Instagram.

What is the schedule?

Considering the show’s previous broadcasts and those of other Azteca reality shows, it’s very likely Exatlón México broadcasts at 7:30 PM., although it has not yet been confirmed. Moreover, it is assumed that Filming was supposed to take place on the beaches of the Dominican Republic.

Who will participate?

Although the identity of the contenders is a complete mystery, there is a character who has already confirmed her participation in the reality show. it’s about David “The Beast” Juarezwho is he April 8 revealed in “Let the joy come” He will compete in the reality show. Likewise, Exatlon production is conducting castings to incorporate new athletes.

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Who will be the driver of the Exatlón México 5?

TV Azteca has announced that the host of the fifth season of the reality show will be Antonio Rosick, who promises to introduce his quirky style to the new Guardians and Pathfinders.

What is the fifth season of Exatlón México called?

Exatlón: Guardianes vs Conquistadores, it will be the name of the TV show.