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Director Migración: “Si no nos ponemos en esto vamos a perder nuestro país sin tirar un tiro”

Everywhere firm Haitians – Director of Migration: “If we do not get involved, we will lose our country without a shot”

The Director General of Migration warned that the presence of undocumented Haitians in the Dominican Republic should be regularized because “we cannot lose our country.”

Enrique Garcia ordered the use of the labor of agri-entrepreneurs or undocumented people to regulate their situation, as they would be deported after the 90-day period granted by the National Migration Council.

Garcia argued that if the massive Haitian migration did not stop within ten to 20 years, we would lose a country without a fire, and in this sense he exemplified what happened in Kosovo.

Past governments have submitted to the country on the basis of immigration that the official condemned the Directorate of Immigration for not having the minimum conditions to do its job.

He explained that 20 years ago when he was the commissioner for judicial reform and modernization, a survey was conducted showing that the prison population of Haitian descent was low. Ten percent of the crimes and crimes committed in the country are committed by Haitian immigrants.

“Look, I have no doubt, I do not know if you are going to see it, or if I am going to see it, I do not know how fast illegal immigration here will go on for 15, 10 or 20 years, in which we are going to lose our country without firing, Kosovo and that The area has an example “, by Hector Herrera Cabral in an interview on the Dijanta show that airs every Sunday through the Director of Migration, Telestema Canal 11.

He assures that with eight or nine criminal gangs in Haiti, Haitians involved in crime will not only be peacefully occupying the country, but will also be a strong criminal in the Dominican Republic. Those who control that territory.

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“We must begin to regularize this situation and not lose our country,” Dr. Enrique Garcia stressed.

He complained that there was no proper speaker in Haiti today because there was no recognized president, no honorable prime minister, no Congress, and in the end, no one to speak to.

“What is left for you when you have a neighbor who can no longer afford to protect your home, your property and your family, is what President Louis Abinader has planned with the Boundary Plan,” he said.

He explained that the project was not a simple fence, or a wall, but a project to protect the border.

He said the Haitian problem should be attacked in various places, including border security, adding that nothing had been done to remove undocumented migrants and that they were re-entering.

“It will eliminate the problem one hundred percent. We are not going to reach that percentage, but if we eliminate 60 or 70 percent, we are already winning,” he said.

He raised the penalty for hiring undocumented persons, renting a house or moving vehicles, which he promises is in law but not applicable.

Finally various solutions must be implemented to get the best solution, which must be stopped, and after site inspections are carried out, foreign workers are hired as required by the country, but all are regulated according to what is established by law.

The number of Haitians in the country is unknown

Dr. Enrique Garcia agreed that the number of Haitians in the Dominican Republic was unknown because the census was conducted six or seven years ago and was said to be 500 thousand, but that is far from the truth.

“Look at the 311st line we have, so when citizens want deportation action, that line is broken by calling us from anywhere because we have them, that’s the truth,” the director of migration said.

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Some people accuse them of being too big, but that is not true, what happens is he is inside the problem and sees what is happening.

He acknowledged, “Pavaro has places like Hoyo de Friusa, which is a completely Haitian community, and is preparing for a major operation with the military and police alone, or with five or six policemen or guards, and they are preparing for a better operation because their communities already exist.” .

“Many Dominicans, bad Dominicans, use this to earn a hundred pesos, without thinking about what we are feeding the country problem, it is not a matter of a nationalist or I want to eat a Haitian every day, I do it because I am black and we are all before our ears We are still in the black, ”he clarified.

He said that what is meant by protecting our home is that we have the necessary labor because in the construction and agricultural sector, especially in the banana sector we need to recognize that they support the economy, but it must be done by any organized country.

He stressed that the main migration problem in the country was Haitian immigration, and when he took office he did not find a company with the necessary framework to deal with the problem, but he was able to get the support of President Abinader to complete the work they were undertaking.

Abinader worries that Haiti is a criminal gang

“Undoubtedly yes, it is the President’s utmost concern and the Government has expressed its concern to the Haitian gangs who want to operate in the Dominican Republic in the last two sessions,” the Director of Migration confirmed.

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Dr. Enrique Garcia said it was therefore his intention to strengthen controls and tighten deportation because these criminal gangs could not be allowed to operate in the country.

“We can not allow them to go there. We cannot allow it. This is not only the problem of President Louis Abinader’s government, it is the problem of a country, people need to understand it,” he said.

“It’s a problem that involves all of us, because this is our home, because the country is everyone’s home. If we lose it, we will all lose it,” he argued.

He issued a stern call to all sectors not to encourage illegal immigration and not to strengthen it.

“You go to the towers here, 90 percent of the Haitians are taking care of them. Many times, the majority have no documents. We’re going to go out through the towers to do the tests. There’s a rule for that,” he said. Warned.

He confirmed that they were going to erect towers with Haitians or any other foreigners who were not organized.

Garcia said that unlike the Haitian immigrants from twenty years ago, those who come now are aggressive, they face the Dominican, they commit crimes, and many times they come in large numbers, and the Dominican wants to leave. Department and they are totally dependent on that place.

He lamented that the Haitian authorities could not be counted on to stop the migration of undocumented Haitians like Mexico and the United States because the authorities in the neighboring country are encouraging it, rather than cooperating to prevent it.