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The woman who approached the grizzly bear for a photo has been jailed in the United States

The woman who approached the grizzly bear for a photo has been jailed in the United States

An American woman who came too close to a grizzly bear to take a photo has been jailed for four days.

Samantha Tehring He stopped a few meters away from the big animal and its three cubs and photographed them Yellowstone National Park in May. The 25-year-old woman was with other tourists when the animal appeared.

The other spectators backed away and went to their vehicles Park officials, however, approached the bear to take a photo of Tehring.

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“Accessing the grizzly bear with his cubs is utter nonsense,” said Bob Murray, the attorney general of the state of Wyoming, where most of the defenses are located. “Fortunately Tehring is being charged with a felony and not a perverted tourist.”

“Wildlife Yellowstone National Park It, Show. This park is not a zoo and you can find bars with animals in between. They roam freely in their natural environment and when they are threatened they react accordingly, ”he added.

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Park rules state that visitors must be at least 90 meters away from bears and wolves. Tehring admitted the mistake She was sentenced to four days in jail and fined $ 1,000

Yellowstone was the first national park to be established in the United States. It is more than 7,700 km2 and includes attractions such as the large old Faithul Geyser.

The park acted as inspiration Jellistone Park Featured in the cartoon “Yogi Bear” in the 1960s, the friendly but always hungry bear whose main concern is stealing picnic baskets from visitors.

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