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Eugenio Méndez Méndez heads the Academy of Sciences of Baja California

Eugenio Méndez Méndez heads the Academy of Sciences of Baja California

To further strengthen decision-making in regional governments, the Academy of Sciences of Baja California changed its Board of Directors last December, which is now chaired by Dr. Eugenio Méndez Méndez, researcher at CICESE and Director of the Department of Applied Physics at this research center.

The Board of Directors for 2023-2025 also includes Dr. Cuauhtemoc Calderon Villarreal, researcher at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, as Vice-Chairman; Dr. Trino Armando Zepeda Partida, UNAM, Secretary; Dr. María del Pilar Sánchez Saavedra, researcher at CICESE, and treasurer of the association, and Dr. Miguel Cervantes Ramírez, research professor at UABC, as member.

This academy consists of 80 research members from higher education institutions and research centers in the state of Baja California, a state characterized by a density of people dedicated to scientific research.

Its main functions are to provide advice to various levels of government to make decisions based on scientific knowledge, engage members in discussion forums to raise and solve problems related to research, promote scientific culture among the population, as well as promote scientific careers in people of all ages.

The outgoing president, Dr. Rafael Vásquez Duhalt, researcher at the UNAM Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (National Science Award 2023), shared that this academy is in the process of signing a cooperation agreement with the Minister of Education of Baja California to officially be a state advisory body. They are also in the process of obtaining registration with Conahcyt to be part of the network of academies and learned societies it supports.

Dr. Eugenio Méndez stated that although it is a very new academy – it has been three years since its establishment – it has taken firm steps to establish itself. “However, the main thing is to expand our base of academics and disciplines to have a better response and solution capacity, give us dissemination, enhance our activities and encourage new members,” the researcher said.

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He added that among his plans as Chairman of the new Board of Directors is to participate in forums affecting science, such as those related to national policy on science and technology; Develop strategies to spread scientific culture, because we live in a country that lacks a scientific approach; and promoting scientific careers, an activity in which Dr. Mendez has been involved for several years.

He stressed that the mission of scientists is to change society's views regarding science, as well as to provide tools for the government to achieve an accurate culture of decision-making based on scientific knowledge.