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Etecsa announces 10% discounts on phones and accessories in dollars

Etecsa announces 10% discounts on phones and accessories in dollars

In line with its recent promotions, Etecsa has announced the sale of phones and accessories in US dollars, starting next week.

“Want to buy a new phone or replenish your accessories? Take advantage of exclusive discounts and offers offered by MiTransfer Wallet, the country’s safest and fastest mobile payment platform,” they point out from their website.

According to them, to access this promotion, you need to create an account in Transfermóvil’s MiTransfer wallet. We tell you all the details.

The dollar phones and accessories that Etecsa will offer for the promotion can only be purchased through the USD account in Transfermóvil’s MiTransfer wallet. “A 10% discount is applied to total purchases made using the USD account for MiTransfer Wallet,” they point out.

eye! This offer is not for purchases from abroad or with the MLC de Cuba card. The promotion applies only to in-person purchases at the FIHAV Trade Office (Pavilion No. 14 at ExpoCuba).

“Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Using the USD account in your MiTransfer wallet, you can pay for your purchases at FIHAV 2023, the largest international fair in Cuba. Visit the ETECSA trade office at FIHAV 2023.”

Buy phones at ETECSA

To download the MiTransfer wallet, you must have Transfermóvil. There it is displayed on the home screen and also on the left side of the drop-down menu.

If you want to use the MiTransfer wallet, you must register. To do this, you need to access MiTransfer Wallet / Settings / Registration.

according to Information providedTo register for MiTransfer Wallet, you must provide your ID or passport number and the PIN (4 digits) that you will later use to authenticate yourself.

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The registration will be valid when the ID number you entered matches the number shown as the owner of the mobile phone line you are using to enable the exchange.

“To authenticate in the MiTransfer wallet, you must disconnect from the banks, i.e. if you were previously authenticated in Transfermóvil to carry out operations with your bank, you must disconnect before authenticating in the MiTransfer wallet,” reminds Etecsa.

The Cuban mobile wallet is recharged from locations www.cubamax.com, www.cubatel.com, www.vidaipay.com And www.vacuba.com.