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Elon Musk confirms that with artificial intelligence, “there will be no need for a job”

Elon Musk confirms that with artificial intelligence, “there will be no need for a job”

“Tesla founder and owner of the social network is essential.”

After the AI ​​Security Summit held in Bletchley Park (UK), Sunak and Musk spoke for about an hour at Lancaster House Palace in London in front of an audience of business leaders.

The British Prime Minister, wearing his shirt sleeves, was responsible for directing questions to the American businessman, who described artificial intelligence as a “magical genius” capable of leading humanity towards an “age of abundance.”

“We won’t have a universal basic income, we’ll have a universal high income. In a sense, it will be a way to achieve balance and equality, because I really believe that everyone will have access to this magical genius,” Musk said during an event that could be postponed until X. .

Addressing the issue of robots, the businessman stressed the necessity of manufacturing them with a mechanism that enables them to be turned off if necessary.

“It’s something we should be concerned about. If a bot can follow you anywhere, what happens if it receives a software update one day and stops treating you that way?

The founder of rocket company Space Autonomous systems will be able to “know you better than anyone else, and perhaps even yourself better,” he said.

“You would have a great friend,” Musk said, explaining that one of his children has “some learning issues and problems making friends,” and that “an AI friend would be great for him.”

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