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They found a vehicle in which two missing soldiers were traveling in Paraguay

They found a vehicle in which two missing soldiers were traveling in Paraguay

(CNN) — A truck carrying two missing soldiers was found on Thursday at the bottom of the Lambaray River, the Paraguayan Navy reported on its X (formerly Twitter) account.

The Paraguayan Armed Forces had previously reported that the army headed on Thursday to the home of General Cesar Moreno, the army commander, in a black vehicle to transport him from Lambari, the city neighboring Asunción, to the headquarters of the Great Command. Official activities, according to a statement issued by the Paraguayan Military Forces Command.

“The aforementioned vehicle was transporting two army personnel (driver and security), and it is assumed that as a result of the storm it was dragged by rapids to the bottom of the Ferreira River,” the press release stated.

“They had to be at the house at 5:00 local time, to take him to the official activity with the President of the Republic, Santiago Peña. The commander was waiting. However, they did not reach their destination. Alarms were activated there,” Colonel Victor Urdabileta explained to the ABC newspaper.

On Thursday, Paraguayan President Santiago Peña asked to join “all efforts made to search for soldiers missing as a result of the storm” in a message on the presidential account on the X website (formerly Twitter).

Boats from the General Maritime Administration are cooperating with searches in the area of ​​the Lambari River and at the mouth of the Paraguay River, the commander of the Lambari Fire Department, Gerardo Melgarejo, told local media.