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Entering Cuba with an expired passport in 2024: what you should know

Entering Cuba with an expired passport in 2024: what you should know

The Cuban government announced at the end of 2023 that it would extend the measure allowing Cubans living abroad to remain outside the country without losing their status as residents and without having to pay the costs of extending their stay.

In this article we tell you everything you want to know about this topic.

According to current immigration law, a Cuban is considered an immigrant if he travels for personal reasons and stays more than 24 months without authorization. Also, if you settle in another country without complying with immigration regulations.

Previously, Cubans had to request and pay for an extension every month they exceeded the allowed period. In Spain, for example, the cost was 25 euros per month.

This provision, which was criticized by many Cubans calling for its abolition, was temporarily suspended in March 2020, due to the pandemic that affected international travel.

Now, Cubans who find themselves in this situation will not have to pay any fees to extend their stay, and will be able to maintain their residency in Cuba, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX). But let us remember that it is a temporary ruling.

Cuban passport extensions

The Director of Identification and Immigration at the Ministry of the Interior, Mario Méndez Mayedo, confirmed that the measure is having a “significant impact” and suggested that there may be changes.

the official claimed In the roundtable programme, “the 24-month extension was maintained”, but “the new immigration law will set the rules of the game”.

“There is no doubt that there is no going back from that, that is, the 24 months. He added: “We will look for some formula, because it is important to know how many of us live in Cuba, and what the real population of Cuba is.”

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So to be clear. These are the procedures related to a Cuban passport:

  • Since March 2020, Cubans traveling abroad no longer have a time limit to stay outside the country and can maintain their residency in Cuba regardless of the time of their absence.
  • From July 2023: Decreased Passport costThe need to renew it every two years was eliminated and its validity increased from six to ten years.

As always, we advise you to contact the Cuban consulate closest to your accommodation with any important questions before your trip to Cuba. This way you will avoid surprises.