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Employers consider a $ 50 fee for non-vaccinated employee checks

Employers consider a $ 50 fee for non-vaccinated employee checks

Strategies to vaccinate more people against COVID-19 in the United States continue to be implemented in the workplace, where dozens of companies are considering special surcharges for employees who decide not to be vaccinated.

As reported ForbesWith major healthcare companies such as Mercer, employers are starting to consult to charge $ 20 to $ 50 per month for unvaccinated employees.

Wade Simmons, one of Mercer’s leaders, told the Associated Press that there had been requests from at least 20 companies in the United States to pay extra as a way to promote the vaccine on their teams.

Although the names of the companies have not been released, Simons noted that there is a way to maintain a healthy work environment as well as a financial aspect.

Govit-19 with severe symptoms and possible hospitalization will increase insurance costs for companies and trigger another series of extraordinary fees.

At the moment, there are cases where you have been hospitalized for more than 14 days for COVID-19 and received bills of up to $ 104,000 in Florida.

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