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They evacuated an eight-story building in Miami due to structural problems

They evacuated an eight-story building in Miami due to structural problems

Evacuated building (Google Maps)

Residents of an eight-story apartment building in Miami received Order to evacuate After consideration by municipal officials “Insecure“Building.

On Monday night, about six weeks later, 98 people were killed when the Samline Towers South building collapsed. Residents of the 138-story building loaded their belongings into vehiclesAccording to a local newspaper. They ordered Do not leave the building on Tuesday morning.

“My grandfather came into the house screaming that we should leave immediately,” said a resident who identified himself as WSNV Channel Mya Ncastanedo. “If this building is demolished, our property is … all of our memories that grew up here.”

The property was alerted on July 7 for various irregularities, Has not been certified safe to occupy after 40 years of construction. “We believe the occupants of the building are not safeHe told the newspaper Miami Herald Miami Construction Director Azel “Ace” Murrero.

On July 26, city officials met with residents concerned about the condition of the building Herald.

Municipal employees inspected the building the next day and determined it Separate elevated parking should be closed for structural reasonsAccording to the newspaper.

Officials also told the building manager Damaged columns on the ground floor of the main building “urgent shore needed”.

City He ordered the building staff to come up with a plan to fix the problem immediately, but they did not get it, Officials noted. Nor did it seek permission to repair the property.

On August 5, an engineer’s letter to city officials came in, “The building is safe from the current occupation, while emergency repair work continues,” the Herald reported.

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The next day, an analyst from Miami A work closure order was issued after seeing work being carried out without permission.

On Monday, officials from the Miami Construction Department met with the condominium association and the engineer. They found the columns to be “structurally defective” and that is when the eviction order was issued.

City officials told the Herald they were coordinating with residents to find temporary shelter.

Since the Surprise collapse on June 24, residents of several South Florida buildings have been evicted due to structural problems.

This Tuesday, Florida Gov. Ron Desantis traveled to Surprise to hand out bonus checks to emergency workers who took part in missions after the sorbide tragedy, with $ 1,000 each, along with emergency package funding for the epidemic.

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