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Elon Musk responde a una senadora que lo acusa de pagar "cero" impuestos (y desata una ola de memes con el Monstruo de las Galletas)

Elon Musk responds to a senator who accuses him of paying “zero” taxes (and launches a flurry of memes with Cookie Monster)


February 21, 2022 12:40 GMT

The billionaire claimed he paid a record amount in individual taxes last year.

American businessman Elon Musk, the richest person on earth, last Sunday refuted the words of Senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently accused him of paying “zero” taxes in 2018.

Do you know how much you pay in taxes? [Elon Musk]one of the richest people in the world? zero! And he is not the only one. Jeff Bezos, one of the richest people in the world, pays less taxes than a public school teacher or firefighter.” Interview With CNN’s “A New Day” program.

In response to a portion of the material shared on Twitter, the billionaire claimed to have broken a historical record in terms of individual tax payments.

“I will be visiting the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) next time I am in Washington DC just to say hi, I paid the largest taxes in history of any individual last year”, Wrote A billionaire, ironically, he probably deserves a “cookie or something” as a token of gratitude from the tax watchdog.

Musk’s response in turn provoked multiple reactions with Memes starring him cookie Monster From the TV series “Barrio Sésamo” (“Sesame Street” in Latin America).

“Watch out for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), its name means ‘Steal Elon Cookies’,” said one netizen.

Warren, in her remarks, also stressed that “billionaires should pay taxes and it shouldn’t be voluntary.”

In the senator’s opinion, wealthier Americans manage to pay very little in taxes because they are “only taxed on income,” while, very ingeniously, they make sure they have no formal income “and serve themselves with securities that “grow in value.” For all these reasons He suggested that the solution be to renew the tax system.

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