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Elon Musk propone hacer un túnel para los trabajadores del complejo Starbase de SpaceX

Elon Musk proposes digging tunnels for workers at SpaceX’s Starbase complex

Highway and road closures in Boca Chica, Texas are becoming more frequent due to activity at SpaceX’s Starbase complex, owned by Elon Musk, so Cameron County officials are considering ways to restore access to at least part of the beach even during those activities. Closure.

A possible solution to the problem would be to dig a tunnel from the southern tip of South Padre Island to a point at the northern end of Boca Chica Beach, an idea proposed by Elon Musk.

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The option comes after The Boring Company dug a tunnel in Las Vegas, and company representatives met with Cameron County Administrator Pete Sepulveda, Jr. and County Architect Benjamin Wersham.

“From what we understand from SpaceX, there is a good part of the beach that can remain open if there is access to it, even though the road is closed, and even though part of the beach is closed,” Sepulveda said.

According to the company, a tunnel in that area will allow Starbase access for SpaceX personnel without restricting access to a portion of Boca Chica north of State Highway 4; However, the county has no interest in paying project expenses.

“Paying for it is not in the interest of the county. That would be prohibitive for us. We don’t really go into those details, but once we do, we won’t be able to share any kind of funding,” Sepulveda said.

Elon Musk’s plans may not be implemented

This is in addition to costs, area studies are needed to see if building a tunnel there is feasible. Despite this, the sponsors of Boring Co were confident in the feasibility of the project.

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Understand the sensitivity of the environment in that area. Perhaps digging tunnels is a way to affect the environment much less than creating a road or bridge at the surface level,” Sepulveda said.

Actualmente, el sitio de SpaceX se encuentra en preparación para el primer vuelo orbital de un prototipo de Starship, lo que se vuelve cada vez más frecuente, por lo que las exigencias de la población del condado son cada vez mayores con accar el respecto to the beach.

“I think we’re willing to work with SpaceX just to see what options and solutions exist. I’m not sure how much, if any, the financial contribution,” Sepulveda said.