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Ellie de la Cruz taunted Toronto with the third fastest spring

Ellie de la Cruz taunted Toronto with the third fastest spring

Young rookie from the Cincinnati Reds, Eli de la Cruz, came to the Majors to wow us with his amazing plays.

Every time he jumps onto the field, he gives us a touch of history, either with his glove or his bat. This Saturday night was one of them, Eli De La Cruz did it again, this time against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Great American Ball Park, home to Los Rojos in Ohio, just so happened to welcome the Canadian team from the Dominican Republic Vladimir Guerrero Jr. For the second of a series of three.

The first match ended with the victory of the minimum number of local residents. This second commitment up to the moment Elly De La Cruz reached the batter’s box (bottom of the fourth inning) was won by those coming from Toronto with a 3 by 1 roster, of course, everything would change at the hands of the Creoles.

Facing Chris Bassett’s deliveries, specifically an 82 mph changeup, Cincinnati’s third baseman swung the ball at 99.2 mph against the right field wall of the aforementioned sports arena.

With that play, Matt McClain, who was at first base, ventured to home plate and arrived relatively quiet. A series of unfortunate events and mistakes by Blue Jays players allowed Eli De La Cruz to reach third base with not only the fifth triple of the 2023 season, but also hit a run and tie the game against the ecstasy of her crowd.

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The Dominican player is tied for any other player with three (5) starts since his debut on June 6.

In addition, the run from contact to home plate was 15.3 seconds, the third fastest of any home-to-home event this season behind Bobby Witt Jr. indoors (14.29 on August 14) and Luke Raleigh (15.29 on August 16).

Elly De La Cruz posted his offensive streak at .259/.313/.771 with 10 home runs and 27 RBI.