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Elisabeth Guzman, 1st PhD graduate in Water Sciences from the United Arab Emirates, Mexico who arrived at ININ

Elisabeth Guzman, 1st PhD graduate in Water Sciences from the United Arab Emirates, Mexico who arrived at ININ

Her belief in studying the quality of water extracted from water bodies for human consumption was the main motivation for Elisabeth Teresita Romero Guzmán to become part of the first generation to pursue a doctorate in engineering with an emphasis on water sciences. It was developed at the Autonomous University of Mexico State (UAEMex).

Having studied a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in ecology, Elizabeth Romero decided to pursue this postgraduate degree offered since 1995 in the School of Engineering, through the Inter-American Center for Water Resources (CIRA), today. American Institute of Water Science and Technology (IITCA). His research proposal aimed at assessing the migration of phosphates and uranium present in phosphate fertilizers used in agricultural fields, where rainwater seeps into the unsaturated area, and reaches the groundwater level until it reaches water bodies such as rivers or lakes.

For Romero Guzmán, studying this postgraduate course allowed him to deepen his knowledge of water resources and update himself in his field. Pursuing his advanced studies at UAEMex improved his performance in the Department of Chemistry at the National Institute for Nuclear Research (ININ), where he worked for 24 years.

Over the course of five years, the student completed the aforementioned graduate course, which, according to her, was a unique, unrepeatable and even exciting process, by acquiring knowledge about water from an engineering point of view. “Water is one of the most important resources as a social demand, and providing quality water to the population is what prompted me to enroll in this postgraduate course because water is a human right,” he said.

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On this path, the doctor of water sciences was not alone, she was accompanied by her family, professors, dissertation directors and administrative staff, who were also part of her process. Twenty-three years after graduating from this Ph.D., Romero Guzman urges students to pursue their advanced studies at UAEMex. “One of the main advantages is that we are in a prestigious university, one of the best in Latin America,” he stressed.

Currently, the Ph.D. in Engineering with an Emphasis in Water Science is being offered at the Inter-American Institute of Water Science and Technology (IITCA).

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