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“Eli” Gutierrez talks about the alleged demands he made to William Levy in the support agreement

“Eli” Gutierrez talks about the alleged demands he made to William Levy in the support agreement

The alleged demands of Elizabeth Gutierrez

From what it turns out, Christopher and Kylie’s mom will ask for it Three thousand dollars a month to support his daughterAnd also A $500,000 house To live with her.

In addition, journalist Alex Rodriguez said on the show Siéntese Quien Pueda!, which aired on June 4, that the actress and Kylie will return to live in the family home when William temporarily moves to Spain to film a movie.

But when the Cuban returns, Eli and the teenager will move again, but to the property that Gutierrez will request, the journalist reported.

According to the information, Levi wouldn’t agree With the demands they will not be obliged to comply with them, because they have never been married.

Elizabeth Gutierrez puts an end to the speculation

What a lie! What a shame that they continue to take advantage of it to continue inventing! We will always be a familyHe wrote without mentioning further details: “We will see what is good about the matter.”

Elizabeth Gutierrez denies the claims alleged in connection with the support agreement.

credit: Elizabeth Gutierrez/Instagram

Could Elizabeth move to Los Angeles?

At the end of May, Jomari Guiso asked her friend if she was planning to leave Miami to return to her hometown with her children, after what happened with William Levy.

“I mean my whole family is there, so obviously it would be ideal for me to work and live there, and for my kids too, but… well no,” he noted.

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Elizabeth is currently resuming her artistic career and is part of the hosts of the show Despierta América, as she warned in the interview with ¡Hola!: “At the moment, I am definitely focused on my career and my children.”