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Electric air taxi manufacturer Archer Aviation could begin passenger transportation operations

Electric air taxi manufacturer Archer Aviation could begin passenger transportation operations

Archer Aviation has received FAA Part 135 certification, bringing it closer to working with passengers. (Reuters/Carlos Barria)

the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded to Archer Aviation The basic certificate that the manufacturer collects Electric air taxis To the possibility of transporting passengers, as the company announced on Wednesday.

Archer Aviation It is developing electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), and in 2021 received requests and support from United Airlineswhich believes that this new technology can reduce Carbon emissions.

Airlines invest in or order aircraft eVTOLThey take off and land vertically like helicopters, and their developers claim they can reduce emissions in crowded areas. unitedfor example, suggests that travelers can use it to move between the airport and the city, as well as between them Manhattan And the axis united in Newark, New Jersey.

The Midnight Archer aircraft can be used on short routes with a range of up to 160 km. (Reuters/Carlos Barria)

Adam Goldstein, CEO ArcherL confirmed CNBC “Today we have achieved Part 135 certification, which allows us to effectively become a passenger airline.” Archer Nearly two years were devoted to this process, during which more than 2000 pages Of documentation and 14 detailed manuals for operating, training and maintenance procedures.

Next step for Archer is to call your four-passenger plane “midnight”Certified Angolan Armed ForcesIt is the process in which the company actually operates, as described Goldstein. According to company estimates, this may allow air taxis to enter service as soon as next year.

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Although he could not provide a specific time frame, Goldstein He noted that, unlike variants of older commercial aircraft, passenger aircraft Archer They are much simpler and contain fewer ingredients.

The experimental Archer aircraft, called Maker, can fly up to 97 kilometers at top speeds of 241 kilometers per hour. The Plane midnight But its range reaches 160 kilometers Archer Plan to use it for shorter distances.

Archer electric plane could reduce emissions in urban areas. (Reuters/Carlos Barria)

United Airlines works with Archer To determine how to integrate electric aircraft into your service. Andrew Zhang, General Manager of Risk at United AirlinesHe stressed that “this does not happen with the push of a button,” so they are working on coordination quickly Archer Progress can be made on the operational aspect and how to adapt to airport hubs united.

Archer Established a partnership with an automobile manufacturer Stellantis To produce hundreds of electric air taxis. but, Archer you are not alone. Its competitors are also moving forward.

Gobi Aviation It received its Part 135 certification two years ago and has partnered with… United States Air Force Receive orders and support from Delta Airlines. Tuesday, Gobi It announced that it plans to acquire the autonomous division of the autonomous aviation company Xwing.

This chain of events is not just situations Archer As a relevant actor in the field Electric aviationbut it also represents significant progress towards implementing the technologies that seek Reducing carbon emissions And improve efficiency in Urban transportation.