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Elections in Venezuela: Edmundo Gonzalez refused to sign a pledge to recognize the results

Edmundo González Urrutia, candidate of the Venezuelan opposition coalition “Unitarian Democratic Platform” (Reuters/Leonardo Fernández Viloria)

Candidates for the presidency of Venezuela, on Tuesday, expressed their positions, some of which were hostile, based on the proposal of the head of state, Nicolas Maduro. Sign a pledge to recognize the election results on July 28.

The idea, formulated by the campaign’s official leadership last week and confirmed by Maduro on Monday, was criticized on Tuesday by the candidate of the main opposition coalition, the Democratic Unionist Party. Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia.

“Signing an agreement, why? The first person to violate the agreements that I signed was the government, and here we have the Barbados agreements that remained a dead letter.”The former ambassador told reporters – at the conclusion of a meeting with leaders in Caracas – in reference to what was agreed upon with the executive authority last October.

In this electoral guarantees document, the parties agreed that the European Union, among other entities, would monitor the elections, something that will not happen due to the cancellation of the invitation to the Community bloc.

For his part, the candidate said: José Brito considered that “in a normal country” there would be no need to sign agreements acknowledge the results, Because the elections are “transparent” and “the majority respects minorities.”

José Brito, from the opposition party Primero Venezuela (PV) (EFE/Rayner Peña)

“If there is a transparent process, then those who do not deserve it should not fear it (…), and if there is respect for citizens’ participation, we should not be proud of signing this or that agreement,” the MP said, criticizing the Democratic Union Party during an interview with the channel. Globovision.

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In addition, Legislator Luis Eduardo Martinez reiterated that he is ready to sign this commitment He is “waiting to be summoned” by the National Electoral Council to sign that document.

More than 21.6 million Venezuelans are invited to participate in these elections, in which Maduro will seek a third consecutive term.

Luis Eduardo Martinez, presidential candidate of Venezuela for the Democratic Action Party (EFE/Miguel Gutierrez)

On the other hand, opposition leader Maria Corina Machado said on Monday that the international community, especially all European governments, can… Doing “much more” for democracy in Venezuela When there are about six weeks left until the presidential election.

He added, “The (Maduro) regime must know that there is international monitoring and control” of the electoral processMachado, from Venezuela, said during a video call in the Spanish Senate that, despite his insistence, the invitation to the European Union as an observer was canceled.

Venezuelan opposition leader María Corina Machado and presidential candidate Edmundo González campaign in Guatiér, Miranda state, on May 31, 2024. (Reuters/Leonardo Fernández Viloria)

Machado won the National Democratic Union primary with 92.35%, but she could not be the presidential candidate because she was still ineligible to hold any elected office, so she was replaced by Edmundo González Urrutia. The opposition leader stressed, in response to a question by senators, that we must “press much more” for Chavista to reconsider the decision to cancel the European Union’s presence in the elections, given the high reputation enjoyed by European observation missions.

The results of the electoral process will have an impact not only on Venezuela and its future generations, but also on the entire region and the West as a whole.Machado predicted.

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