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'El Pirru' confirms that Mariana Levi's youngest daughter did well to live with her boyfriend  algebraic

‘El Pirru’ confirms that Mariana Levi’s youngest daughter did well to live with her boyfriend algebraic

Mexico City. – Jose Maria Fernandez, known as “Peru”, confirmed that his Paula’s daughter, the fruit of her relationship with Mariana Levy She lives with her boyfriend, after last December the young woman made a live broadcast on Instagram announcing that she had no place to sleep, accusing her grandmother, driver Talina Fernandez, of kicking her out of her home.

“My grandmother is in her house that she ran away from me from. I don’t have a home, I am homeless, I live where I can spend the night because no one wants to adopt and I don’t know why. I am just a homeless person and no one wants to adopt. Nita, what do I do with my life?” she said. Paula on that occasion.

For this reason, the widower mariannaThe fact that her daughter shares a roof with her partner is not a tragedy, quite the contrary, because according to her perception, being with her boyfriend helped her get a better outlook on life.

Enjoy your life

“Bulita with her boyfriend…She’s post-teen, but she’s living and enjoying her life a lot. He’s thinking very carefully about what he wants to do, and I think that’s key, because making decisions like that makes you change careers or you’re not sure, so he takes His time to see what he really wants, it seems to me, as former Anna Barbara said in an interview with Ventaneando, is that once you get to know her and become more aware and confident, you will surely shine through and have a great career or a wonderful life.

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In the same way, “Albero” praised his daughter’s friend, noting that the 19-year-old had discovered other aspects of professional development.

“I know him, he’s a good guy. The main thing for me is that I like her, and that’s first of all, I like and respect her, if that equation happens I’m really very calm…they make a very good team, Pola He is very involved in the musical issue because he is a musician, so he is learning another aspect of his life and he is very happy, and I am very happy for them too,” he explained.

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