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Edson Alvarez accompanies the Mexican national team to Los Angeles on crutches

Edson Alvarez accompanies the Mexican national team to Los Angeles on crutches

The Mexican captain remains with the group and will undergo tests on Monday to determine the severity of his injury

Los Angeles – Commander Mexican national team, Edson AlvarezHe arrived on crutches AngelsIn California, after suffering a muscle tear, which did not allow him to continue the match against Jamaica Copa America 2024Which was held in Houston, Texas.

West Ham United’s Premier League midfielder injured his left leg in Mexico’s first World Cup match America’s Cup. According to the sources I reviewed, the player is suffering from a tear, and studies will be conducted on Monday to see if he can continue in the tournament being held in the United States.

AlvarezIf the injury is confirmed, it will be a big loss for Jaime Lozano’s team, because he has just been appointed team captain. Mexican national team He was the most experienced player in the Mexican national team.

The West Ham player posted a message on social media, after the injury he suffered in the match against Jamaica, and the Tricolor coach realizes that he will no longer be able to replace the player, because the English Premier League regulations… America’s Cup This is not allowed.

The intention of the Mexican technical staff is not to risk the West Ham player, because he has aroused the interest of various football teams in Europe and is at one of the highest peaks of his career.

Fans wait for the Mexican national team to arrive on a late flight

The journey of Mexican national teamfrom Houston to AngelsThe match was delayed for more than two hours, leaving many fans waiting for the national team to arrive.

At first, it was considered so Mexico will reach Angels at 5:30 p.m., but they eventually reached their destination at 7:30 p.m. The players entered through the back entrance of the Focus Hotel, where he arrived Edson Alvarez On crutches and the rest of the Mexican players.

A few minutes later, some elements came out to serve the crowds who had waited more than two hours for the Tricolor to arrive.

Antuna signs the America jersey and the fans ask Cortizo to go to Chivas

Uriel Antuna, Carlos Acevedo, Jordi Cortizo and Marcelo Flores came out to serve the fans who waited for them for more than two hours in Los Angeles due to their flight being delayed.

It is a curious fact that Uriel Antuna took the time to sign America’s jerseys, while Tricolor fans asked Cortizo to go to Chivas.

Carlos Acevedo made one fan cry as she waited for him to get an autograph, and Marcelo Flores showed up for everyone who asked for an autograph.

Can the Mexican national team call up another player if Edson Alvarez’s withdrawal is confirmed?

According to regulations America’s Cupthe Mexican national team Another player cannot be called in this case Edson Alvarez He can no longer participate in the competition after the injury he suffered in the first match of the CONMEBOL competition against Jamaica last Saturday.

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In Chapter Nine of the Executive Regulations America’s Cupwhich bears the name “Registration of Players and Officials – Coaching Staff”, is detailed in Article 71, which focuses on “Replacement of a player due to injury or illness”, whereby participating teams may replace an injured or ill footballer due to another on the pre-list, but on the condition This must be 24 hours before the team makes its first appearance in the competition.

“In the event of a serious injury or detection of pathological clinical elements of any player, after sending the bona fide list, which prevents him from playing in the tournament, the said player will be allowed to be replaced by another player included in the provisional list up to 24 hours before the team’s first match in the competition, from Through the approval of the CONMEBOL Medical Committee.” Reads the first part of Article 71.