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Edgar Berlanga after beating Alexis Angulo: "This is not my A+ presentation, I'm building myself"

Edgar Berlanga after beating Alexis Angulo: “This is not my A+ presentation, I’m building myself”

New York.- Edgar Berlanga Jr..He simply did not meet the expectations created around his return to the ring.

His performance disappointed many of his fans who thronged the Hulu Theater in New York. The sensations were such that many took the judges’ decision by surprise. This victory, far from sparking optimism, raised doubts about the future of “The Beast”, who had many problems to defeat 38-year-old Colombian Alexis Angulo (27-3, 23 KO).

Puerto Rican community responded to the call, and this evening’s memorial stage for Puerto Rican Station in New York wore her best clothes. With Berlanga accompanied by Don Omar to the beat of “Pandoleros”, the decibels hit an all-time high, and the atmosphere became electrifying, even the Colombian quelled the spirits of over 5,000 fans.

According to his technique, Berlanga tried to eliminate his opponent using his strength and using different combinations, throwing a right jab and trying to do some damage with the hook. His opponent resisted everything, he even managed to hit Berlanga several times, which began to bleed, which surprised the spectators. Angulo was more uncomfortable than expected and even frustrated his opponent, who during various stages of the fight unsuccessfully protested to the referee.

Expectations for Berlanga (20-0, 16 KOs), after an extraordinary start to his professional career, where he achieved 16 consecutive knockouts in the first round, was followed by four irregular displays, during which he cut the distance against Damon Nicholson, Marcelo Coqueries, Steve Rolls and now Alexis Angulo, “The Chosen One,” who hopes to show off all his arsenal and talent as a boxer, doesn’t seem to bother with the idea of ​​changing the narrative that’s been built up since its inception.

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The topic at hand was complex, more than many think. After a year of inactivity, Angulo went out in search of a fight and remained silent all night. During the seventh round the “let’s go Edgar” yell was strong, since then the Brooklyn native dominated the fight, which ended in wins 98-92, 99-91 and 99-91, which made him happy. Some and a surprise to others.

“I feel very happy that I was part of this celebration of Puerto Rican culture, and I thank God so much for this opportunity, because these opportunities do not come to Puerto Rican boxers and it happens because I was winning and representing Puerto Rico, and I am very happy to win today,” Berlanga noted as he just walked out of the ring. .

Regarding his current opponent, Berlanga – the NABO title champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) – stated that “I already knew he was a serious fighter before the fight, a lot of people were talking about his jab, I feel like I shave really well, even though I took some hits that I shouldn’t have allowed, I’ve weathered the storm and I have been able to show that I have talent in boxing.

Angolo withstood the blows of Berlanga, which did not surprise the Puerto Rican athlete at all, who knew perfectly well the weaknesses and strengths of his opponent. “I know I hurt him at one point, but not enough to say I’m going to take him out of the fight, I know he was hurt, but I also knew he was a veteran and that he was coming to the front, that he was going to keep fighting and it was better to keep him going.

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Question: What do you think you played tonight against a very difficult opponent?

“I showed my talent as a boxer, jab was working, I moved a lot, I showed a lot of talent and from here on I can only get better, this is not my A+ presentation, I’m building myself up and I just want to keep boxing, keep working on my shots, And in the end I will become a star in this sport,” he replied.

Explain the sting

Regarding the controversial sting in the seventh round, Edgar Berlanga expressed his reasons for committing this highly criticized action in the boxing world.

“He kept shoving me with my elbow and hurting me with his head, I told him to calm down, because I didn’t want him to hurt me, suddenly I became aggressive, and to my side Mike Tyson, I drifted away”Argue between laughs.

How fun is fighting in front of your people?

“Puerto Rican people were 100% with me, I was there and I bought my house in Fajardo, I did my training there and I feel happy. I got advice from Tito Trinidad and he asked me to train on my island, in my land, and he asked me to become a star who trains at home, just like he did I want my next fight to be in Puerto Rico, and I hope to be able to do that soon, this is one of my dreams,” he concluded.