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Duolingo wears a bikini for Pittsburgh LGBT+ Pride

Duolingo wears a bikini for Pittsburgh LGBT+ Pride

  • A brand that has positioned itself as one of the best on LGBT+ issues.

  • Duolingo was seen as part of Pittsburgh LGBT Pride.

  • Consumers cited SixFlags as the least sympathetic.

Brands use different events with the aim of promoting a product or service, so in some cases this can be demonstrated as a real part of the same strategy; In a video clip circulating on the TikTok platform, she showed the moment Duolingo participated in Pittsburgh Pride.

Companies have a significance related to how they participate in the same issue, so they can at some point be found as part of the same artifact, and thus their participation in a social phenomenon represents an impact on the consumer.

At the end of 2022, it was found that the Doritos brand had an approval rating of 26 percent, while on the other hand, SixFlags was seen as the most discriminating company, according to Statista.

Duolingo in LGBT+ Pride.

Through a video clip circulating on social media, it was shown how he arrived at the pride of the city of Pittsburgh, the bottarga of the learning platform Duolingo, to dazzle those present there with a strange outfit that surprised many.

LGBT+ Pride Month commemorates the existence of diversity in gender and sexual identities, which is why it is organized in some countries to preserve and advance the rights of the community, an issue that can be seen in different parts of the world. the world.

Duolingo appeared in the photos wearing a pink bikini, indicating its involvement in its various fields, so it could be found at some point as part of the same strategy to reach a specific audience within the different situations that may arise.

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Some users on social networks thanked Green Bird for its support of Pride, in some cases noting how it led to thinking about a new way of thinking about the brand, after having been found in exactly the same thing.

While some celebrated Duolingo’s participation in the march, it was also possible to recognize how they found themselves part of the same moment, so at some points they could be seen as support, as well as being used by the brand itself.

@xxlaurenann My favorite company @pgh, I love this city @duolingo #Pittsburgh #house #Pride #PittsburghPride #prideicon ♬ original sound – Lauren

During LGBT+ Pride Month, different brands come out to highlight their support for the rights of people with a different sexual orientation, so in some cases this kind of moment can be seen as a positive issue with some steps that can be taken to showcase a different part than expected.

Brands usually support this type of movement, in order to align with the people doing it, so they can at some point be found as part of a unique tool that feeds off of a real issue in the same way and as it is perceived.

Some consumers see peering as part of this strategy, indicating that they are part of the same structure that explains this type of action as part of the same thing, an issue that can sometimes be viewed from the negative side.

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