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Dulce Gardenia, the outsider who defeated her family’s prejudices to succeed in wrestling

Dulce Gardenia, the outsider who defeated her family’s prejudices to succeed in wrestling

Sweet Gardenia One of Strange fighters The most famous in Mexico today, he faced thousands of obstacles to become an idol in the ranks of World Wrestling Council.

The hardest and heaviest thing was the rejection of part of his family, who, upon seeing him embodied in the series, avoided any kind of contact for many years.

Dulce Gardenia combined with World Sports His story, he tells those first steps in his native Torreón. “The first character I had was La Gardenia, a strange character. At first it was a matter of feeling and learning Secrets of the ringBut after a few months people adopted me and I reached the stars. After a while, I wanted, because of the insulting comments from my family and friends, to change my character to a convincing person, but it did not work. My essence was to be Dulce Gardenia.”

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The beauty guru reiterated that the rejection from his inner circle was so great that despite having a family – children – and explaining to them that everything was just personal, they kicked him out of the wake. “What hurt me the most were the comments from family members. They put me aside and saw me differently. They kicked me out of the wake. They told me that the family did not accept homosexuals“It hurt me to turn my back on them, but everything changed.”

With that bitter pill behind him, Dulce Gardenia said he is proud of his accomplishments in wrestling, being a role model for his children who respect him and see him in every performance. “My children asked me about my personality in the ring, but they have grown and realized my work. I am their idol and their pride. On several occasions they ask me for clothes to show off at school and to tell everyone about their father’s job.”

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