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Download WhatsApp Plus March 2023 | latest version | apk | download | How to install | Red Whatsapp | blue | nnda | nnni | data

The WhatsApp It is still one of the apps that many have downloaded on their Android mobile phones; However, in recent days, many users have used the APK file of Whatsapp plus They are banned for various reasons.

Despite this, the developers of the modified WhatsApp did not stop working and released a new version of WhatsApp Whatsapp plus the which will prevent you from being banned. Of course, you must take into account that it is best not to use exclusive functions for a long time.

Likewise, always try to ensure that you have the latest version of the APK since this, in addition to fetching news, provides you with solutions that prevent you from being suspended temporarily or permanently.

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Download WhatsApp Plus: Latest APK 2023 Version

  • The latest released version is V17.30 and it is based on WhatsApp
  • This, combined with the ability to chat, protects your chats from possible blocking.
  • To download it, you must enter the following and get the apk file.
  • After that you just have to enter your phone number and receive a verification code.
  • Remember, this APK comes with an anti-ban feature, so don’t worry.
  • Once you have it on your cell phone, start writing to all of your friends.
  • Of course, if you have been previously banned and penalized with a timer, wait for the time to expire before you can install the APK.
  • Otherwise, an error will occur.
  • Of course, you can install this APK file on top of any modded app you have on your smartphone.
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This displays the latest version of WhatsApp Plus. With that you won’t have to worry about commenting. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yubanki)

What’s new in WhatsApp V17.30: The latest version

  • This version of WhatsApp Plus V17.30 added anti-theft protection
  • It also has a larger custom font.
  • Added new UI design “Msg A Number”
  • Another detail is that you can hide the Save and Mark buttons on the status page
  • You also have the option to add and hide the camera icon from the top home bar
  • In WhatsApp Plus, you have the option to edit messages
  • Enabled View contact history from home
  • Enabled View status from contact information page
  • Enabled translation in documents for everyone
  • Enabled Create your own Avatar (eg Bitmoji) for WA
  • Proxy settings enabled (Settings > Storage & data > Proxy settings)
  • Option enabled keep messages when disappears mode active (long press on any message)
  • The enhanced DP Ring case takes on the same color as the Status Ring
  • Fix auto reply/forward failure
  • Fixed several custom text status icons
  • Fixed crash for some users after restore

How to install WhatsApp Plus APK

The first thing you have to do is download the WhatsApp Plus APK from any browser, but when it is done, an installation message will appear.

At that time, Google Chrome will ask you for permissions to be able to install third-party apps. There you simply have to give them their match and that’s it.

5 WhatsApp tricks that WhatsApp Plus doesn’t have

  • Change delete for you to delete for everyone: Now when you delete a message and if you chose to delete yourself, you can reverse that option and hit delete for everyone instead. This way neither of you will be able to read this message.
  • Send a message to yourself: The newly released while it was only for beta users, it is now available for everyone. It is no longer necessary to save yourself as a contact. We simply switch to a new conversation, and it will appear as the first. We click on it and now we can send ourselves anything.
  • Video calls with 32 people: In the event that there is a large group of friends that they want to meet, you can talk to all of them without having to use other applications that achieve the same purpose.

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