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WhatsApp: Change phone numbers with username

The WhatsApp You are willing to add too much change to the visibility of your platform users. Instant messaging application Goal He’s working on a new feature that can replace phone numbers with usernames when receiving a message from someone who isn’t added to the phonebook.

As indicated by the portal WABetaInfoThis option is included in the beta update The WhatsApp for Android devices. Initially, the feature changed phone numbers to usernames only in the message bubble of group chats. However, with the latest version, the app has also expanded it to the main chats menu.

Great help for WhatsApp group chats

As can be seen from the screenshot shared by the aforementioned page, the username will replace the phone number in the chat list. Thanks to this, it will be easier to know who the anonymous contact is writing to without having to schedule it. The new option is especially useful in large group chats where it can be difficult to identify unknown members. The username can also appear in place of the phone number in various sections of the app, such as the list of group participants.

Although the function has been released to some beta testers of the release for iOS After installing update from beta The WhatsAppThis does not mean that the phone number is hidden from the group members as it is still visible inside the chat bubble.

Overall, this update will be a very welcome change for many Android users The WhatsApp They often have trouble identifying unknown contacts in group chats. No doubt, the username feature will make it easier to manage group chats and make communication more efficient.

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Other news will reach WhatsApp

In addition to the option to change phone numbers to usernames, The WhatsApp It is also developing other features and tools that will reach the core customer of its platform soon. For example, the most recent one includes a group chats entry with an expiration date that will be removed once its life cycle is complete.

Other features include the ability to mute calls from unknown numbers, a “newsletter” tool for broadcasting information to a limited number of contacts, and the option to convert voice notes into text. Although we do not know exactly when they will arrive in the standard version of The WhatsAppThe ground is already being prepared since the beta version of the app.

So far, part of WhatsApp’s innovations in terms of privacy refers to shifting notifications and “annoying” contacts in our chat tray. Archiving chats and hiding statuses and profile pictures are part of the measures Meta implements to reduce harassment on the web.

The latest updates have focused on the possibility of restricting access to our data from accounts that are unknown or not added to the user’s contact base, but can be contacted because they belong to the same group on a particular account – studies, work, live, etc. -. The inclusion of these restrictions seeks to reduce the risk of harassment and unnecessary access from external accounts to our friends and family.

Despite the arrival of these new functions, there is no approximate date when this will happen. In general, there is no direct relationship between the arrival of these features in beta distributed to “early adopters” and the global rollout to all users on the network.

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More than 2.24 billion people use WhatsApp every month, making it one of the most popular mobile messaging apps in the world. It is also the 8th most downloaded Android app on the Google Play Store worldwide. In terms of countries, India has the highest number of monthly active users of WhatsApp, more than 487 million people are using WhatsApp in India.

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