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Donald Trump has vowed to have a “tough hand” with Cuba if he wins the North American presidency

Donald Trump has vowed to have a “tough hand” with Cuba if he wins the North American presidency

Donald Trump, the former North American president and leading Republican candidate for the US presidency this year, recently promised a “tough hand” with the Cuban government, in a message that went viral on social media. Many expect.

In one clip, Trump addressed Cubans, particularly those in eastern Cuba who had gone to protest days earlier, chanting “present and food,” although chants of “liberty” and “homeland and life” were also heard.

“I want to express my appreciation and support to all the brave people of Cuba who are facing the cynical communist regime,” the Republican and second-term presidential candidate said.

In a shared video On Twitter, US Congressman Carlos Jimenez, Trump added: “Under Cuba's brutal and corrupt dictators, the Cuban people are suffering from terrible food shortages, power outages, poverty, political repression and religious persecution.”

After this, he promised that if he returned to the White House, he would use a “strong hand” and change the policy of “relaxation” that Joe Biden maintains to this day. “It's not easy, we realize this and we're going to change it,” he added.

Trump promises a “tough hand” with Cuba's rulers

Former President Trump has vowed to closely monitor the events of March 17 in Santiago de Cuba. “I want the Cuban people to know that we are watching very closely what is happening (…) We are with you. Under my management, We will be very strong again with the oppressors,” he asserted.

At the end of the message, Trump attacked Biden's weak policy on “communists” and called for “free and fair” elections on the island, in addition to his desire for a “secure, prosperous and free Cuba.”

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Many Cubans living in the United States and opponents of Miguel Díaz-Canel's government applauded his words on the news.

“Thank you President Trump for your support of Cuban freedom, we are forever grateful for your continued support!” Congressman Gimenez said.

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