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Dollar Tree: One of the reasons why hundreds of Family Dollar stores are closing |  United States |  mix up

Dollar Tree: One of the reasons why hundreds of Family Dollar stores are closing | United States | mix up

If 600 Family Dollar stores close in 2023, 2024 won't bring better news for the company. Dollar Tree, which owns the brand, announced the closure of another 1,000 stores in the United States, The title has since been leaked Some branches that will not open their doors soon. Faced with this bleak scenario, many customers wonder why the low-priced grocery store chain made such a drastic decision and after a few days, at least one of the reasons became known.

Dollar tree It went through critical moments at the organizational level, which did not leave it unscathed by its regular customers, who even threatened to go shopping in Walmart With a lot of changes.

The company also indicated that it would increase prices on products that were previously $1.25, as it had done before. What happened with Family dollar It's one of many changes that have occurred in recent months.

Despite this, Dollar Tree and its subsidiary Family Dollar remain major options for shoppers United State Hence the reason for the closure of hundreds of Family Dollar stores. Budget problems? We tell you what happened.

Why did DOLLAR TREE close its family dollar stores?

Dollar Tree has decided to close hundreds of Family Dollar stores mainly due to ongoing thefts at the establishments And limited staff to deal with losses that, in addition to other factors, reached $1.71 million in 2023, according to .

“We always found empty boxes in the store. The thieves came out the back doors.”An employee at Family Dollar told the aforementioned media about the conditionsStores closing.

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just in Memphisthe Police Department recorded dozens of reports of robberies at the Family Dollar store that ended with its doors closing, according to information from La Grada.

Products at Dollar Tree are usually cheap and of the perfect quality to save more in the US (Photo: AFP)

What did Dollar Tree say about the closing of Family Dollar Stores?

Dollar Tree has not announced the immediate reason for the closing of the Family Dollar storesIn addition to the numbers that were not in line with expectations of the merger of the two companies in 2015.

John Rossidirector of the Center for Professional Sales at Youngstown University's Williamson School of Business, analyzed one reason Family Dollar failed to catch on with consumers.

“Dollar Tree and Family Dollar serve two different markets based on their merchandise. A big part of Family Dollar's problem was that their marketing and assortment selection didn't match what consumers expected to see. Their pricing model with inflation had to be three or five dollars, which was It has a certain impact on demand.He told CBS.

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What can you find at the Dollar Tree?

At Dollar Tree, you can find a wide range of products at low prices, all for $1 or less. Some of the items you can find at Dollar Tree include:

  • Home Furniture
  • Personal care products
  • Food and treatment
  • Office supplies
  • Toys and games
  • Seasonal products

If you liked this note from Dollar Tree, we leave you more information about the United States: