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Dollar price today May 2, 2021 in Mexico

Dollar price today May 2, 2021 in Mexico

The Dollars In eastern Mexico Sunday 02 May From 2021 he has price Administrator 20.2350 pesos per unit.

The Mexican peso ended the week with losses Weekly after a week in which the publication of important economic indicators and events emerged.

This is the price of the dollar today

At the end of this week, conventional banks are closed. To change your dollars, you can go to exchange offices around Mexico, or to one of the options we offer below:

  • Coppel buys 19.40 o’clock a discount The time is 20.07
  • Banco buys Azteca 19.05 o’clock a discount At 20.09

Fuente: Owenk owenk

Thus, the dollar strengthened after the economic data from the US economy, including Meeting from Federal Reserve As well as GDP growth data (Start).

Meanwhile, the Mexican peso fell against the dollar after the announcement The GDP of our country To grow 0.4%, While scoring Eight consecutive quarters with year-on-year declines, Of which only four are attributed to pandemic.

However, despite its monthly and weekly decline, the Mexican peso ended April with earnings Against the dollar, taking back 18 cents for 20.4200 pesos the unit at which the exchange rate closed in March.

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